Who Gets Gifts

By: Pace Vinton

OK, I’ll take a stab at this. No; dag nab it, I’ll plunge the dagger in up to its hilt.  Mitt Romney says that the President won because he gave poor people gifts!  The poor, aka Single moms, minimum wage workers,  retirees, students, military personnel and prisoners make up the base or foundation of society.  A base or  foundation supports something.

In Mr. Romney’s world, the people who make up the nation’s base are deadbeats who get food stamps, health care, educational assistance and other free stuff On the human body, the base is the legs.  If the legs are knocked out, the body will fall. The middle class, professionals, and yes the rich stand on the shoulders of the poor!

If the poor were removed from society, America’s financial system would collapse, taking everyone who depends on the poor with it.  Multinational corporations and foreign governments would likely own the USA.  Maybe if you are Mitt Romney, getting your props knocked from under you will just cause you to float.

Americans’ money comes from the Federal Reserve.  That’s right; everybody gets their money from the government.  Wow! Does this mean that everyone is a WELFARE RECIPIENT?  Yes it does!  The government distributes money through the Federal Reserve and banks, in accordance with education.  IRS taxes money progressively according to income.

The government is even more hands on with low income workers.  Congress sets their income as the minimum wage, an amount that is too low for anyone to exist on. Minimum wage jobs can be had with a high school diploma. Outside labor jobs are mostly filled by persons who don’t have a high school diploma, for less than minimum wage.

Doctors, lawyers, talk show hosts, corporate managers, some small business owners, judges, mid level entertainers and others comprise the professional class.  Their money is also distributed on the basis of education.  And that is cool.  

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