Who Gets Gifts Part II?

The primary needs of humans are food, shelter and clothing.  Energy and transportation also rank high in today’s needs. Providers of these essentials are most important to human life.  Other desirable and elective professions are superfluous to human existence. The single entity that the people own and works for them is the federal government.

The rich own everything else. If the rich capture the presidency and congress, they would gain dictatorial power over the  people. As with any dictator, the rich would vehemently resist any attempt by the people to reclaim their power.  This is borne out by practically every historic dictator.

Although their wealth makes them powerful, contributions to life by the rich are mostly nonessential.  As practiced today, corporate raiding, gouging public needs and outsourcing jobs and industries are just short of criminal.

The hardest working person in American society is the single mom.  While caring for her infant(s), she distributes her meager income and handout from the government to millions of middle income points.  This enables low income workers, middle income workers, small business owners and corporate executives to work and get paid .

Mitt Romney and his ilk  have no clue about how people live in these United  States.  If they brought the twenty three trillion  US dollars that they have parked offshore back to circulate in the American economy, the deficit would be knocked out overnight.

Talk about gifts! Mitt Romney and his cohorts do not contribute anything to human life.  They are likened to fleas on a dog. They suck the life blood from the people, while continually trying to get more! Although money distribution guidelines exist, the rich (2%) act as though they should have all of the money.  They resist every minimum wage increase.

In order to earn middle income wages, factory workers and public employees must continually fight the rich (right to work crowd) through unions.  Assistance to the poor (entitlements) is under unrelenting attack by the rich. Tax dodging by the rich was described by one U.S. Senator as an American sport. Money is distributed to the rich on the basis of wealth.

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