By: Mary Walters

As it relates to abortion, the book, “God’s Continuing Word – A Personal Message,” states:

The One World Advent

 “4.32 During most months of her adult life, a female person’s body develops and destroys an egg. In order to insure fertilization of an egg, a male person discharges numerous sperm when engaging in sexual intercourse. During this process, most of the sperm die. Usually, only one sperm will reach an egg and fertilize it. The remaining sperm will be waylaid and killed while trying to reach the egg.

4.33 All cells, each egg and every sperm are unintelligent animal life. Whether unintelligent life is killed through natural designed processes, consumed for sustenance or compassionately utilized in beneficial experiments, it yet lives. The spirit of unintelligent life is retained in our consciousness, while its physical structure is returned to matter. All matter is a part of our body. All matter is life.

Page 25

The One World Advent

4.34 Until the brain of a human construction emits energy, that construction is unintelligent life. When a human brain radiates energy, intelligent human life exists.  That life has been endowed with the ability to develop all of the attributes that intelligent life is heir to. It must be accorded all of the rights and respect to which every individual is entitled.”

The recent ballyhoo regarding abortion has been stirred by “right to life” partisans.  As it relates to a woman’s right to an abortion, most of the populace appears to have accepted Roe V Wade as settled law.

In most rulings about the existence of human life, the judiciary has placed the question of WHEN HUMAN LIFE EXISTS” into the settled law category.  Courts have consistently concluded that human brain activity is the determining factor in whether human life is present. The Judiciary has also consistently ruled that “where there is no human brain activity, there is no human life.”

Perhaps replacing the phrase “right to life” with the phrase “right to human life” could bring the debate into proper perspective.  Life is not destroyed by an abortion.  If an abortion is performed when there is no human brain activity, there is no destruction of human life.

Of course, if an abortion is performed when there is human brain activity, that abortion could destroy a human form.  Unless mitigated by extreme circumstances (legal execution, save life of mother, self defense), the destruction of a human being is not morally nor criminally defensible.


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