Sexual Identification: Gay And Straight

By: Robin Julius

The  book, God’s Continuing Word – A Personal Message,” speaks to sexuality: 

The One World Advent

4.8 Historically, persons who engage in opposite gender sex have demonstrated passionate opposition to same gender sex. Most of your world religions are in the forefront of that opposition. The needs of those who are attracted to others of their own gender are as compelling as the needs of those that are attracted to the opposite gender. As we have previously stated, love is not gender limited. You do not transmit sexual pleasures and feelings to your profile.

4.9 In consideration of our stated needs, we must personally address you who engage in same gender sex. We understand your needs and attractions, and do not condemn your activities as immoral. Your place in our consciousness is secured by your compassionate feelings and acts; not your sexual activities.

Page 17

4.14 In every way, you must be accorded all legal and other rights and opportunities to which every individual on your planet is entitled. Governments must respect and treat you as they are commanded to respect and treat each individual. Governments have no input into your consenting sexual preferences and practices.

The book, “God’s Continuing Word – A Personal Message” is perhaps the most profound messenger to the world in centuries.  I found so many answers in it that I could not find anywhere else.  With the LGBT revolution  sweeping the country, it is time that the genders represented by LGBT identify themselves with their own unique gender name.

Boy and man are the straight male gender names.  Girl and woman are the straight female gender names.  Although there are many areas in which men and women can compete, there are a number in which they cannot compete.  This also holds true for LGBT persons.

Women are uniquely qualified to bear children.  Men are not.  Men are bigger and faster.  Women cannot compete with them in most sports, including the big three: baseball, basketball and football.   These facts are known just from the connotations associated with  the gender names.  Not so with LGBT persons.

Just as their are male and female genders in straight sexes, there are also male and female genders in each of the LGBT sexes.   As with straight persons, each of the LGBT genders are unique.  Thus the importance of LGBT gender names that can express that uniqueness is evident.

I will start with Lesbians.  Lesbians have two genders; masculine and feminine.  LeMb serves well as the identifier of the masculine lesbian.  Correspondingly,  LeFb  is the identifier for the feminine lesbian.  GeMb  is good as the identifier of the masculine gay.  GeFb  does well as the identifier for the feminine gay.   and  BiFb identify bi-sexual mascuiline and feminine genders.   TbiM and TbiF work well for transsexual male and female genders.  This is how that looks:

LeMb —–Masculine Lesbian,        BiMb —– Masculine Bi-sexual,      Lefb —– Feminine Lesbian,     BiFb —– Feminine Bi-sexual, 

GeMb —–Masculine Gay,       TbiM —– Masculine transsexual,     GeFb —–Feminine Gay,     TbiF —– Feminine transsexual  

For these reasons, care must be exercised in invitations to LGBT persons to join various societal activities.  As it would be improper to invite straight females to “suit up” and join in football scrimmages with men, or men to compete for the Miss America crown, the impediments that face straight people will likely apply to each of the gender categories.

Certainly questions need to be asked by organizations such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sports teams and other endeavors where single gender participation is  recognized as normal.  Whether straight, gay, bi or trans, masculine and feminine genders should interact with each respectively, absent sexual attractions to each other.  Therefore, it would be prudent and proper to invite the males of each gender to join in similar activities.

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