Construction V Incubation

Some misrepresentations that are taught to large numbers of the world’s population are: “a fertilized egg is a baby.”  “A baby exists at conception.”  “An embryo is a tiny baby that is growing in the mother’s stomach.”  None of these conjectures can be substituted for the truth.  In reality, a male’s sperm contains substances that are peculiar to  the  fertilizing male.  His sperm interacts with a female’s egg in a manner that inseminates the egg.  Over time, a live baby results from that fertilized egg.

The impregnated egg and the entire incubating process, from conception through birth, are confined to a female’s body.  This fact belies the theory that an embryo is a miniature baby growing inside a female’s body.  If a baby existed when the egg was fertilized, the male’s role in the incubation process would be drastically different from his present actual participation.

A growing baby would have to receive half of its nourishment from its mother and one half from the father every day.  This would require the male and female to respectively contribute one half of an embryo’s food intake every day.   Mixing the two provisions could be done in a test tube or in the mother’s digestive system.

When the mix is completed, it would be fed to the incubating baby directly from the test tube or by the mother’s body.  Of course, everyone knows that the male does not tender a dose of himself for the female to input into her body every day.  Quite the contrary happens. After fertilization, the male has no additional role in the incubating process.  Moreover, only one conclusion can be reached.  The fertilized egg is a blue print that contains instructions for the female’s body to fabricate a baby.  The female’s body constructs a baby in accordance with the instructions that are contained in the fertilized egg.


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  • mayahy  On July 6, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    Abortion! Wow, what a heavy subject. This rendition is the only sensible treatise I have read on the subject.

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