Cruz! Tea Party! Obama? No!! No Way!!!??

By Gaylord Stevens

The idea that Ted Cruz, Tea Partiers and Obama might have something in common is ludicrous on its face and on its bottom. But, wait a darn minute. I am not whistling Dixie or Yankee here. Let me give you something to really chew on.  The POTUS has been championing the middle class since he has been in office.

You know and have probably heard him saying tax the rich a little more and use the money to prop up the middle class.  Ok, we know where Obama stands.  Now the Tea Party is  mostly made up of middle class folks.  I am a Tea Partier, and I am definitely middle class. In fact, I am middle class and White.  You can’t get much more Tea Party than that.

Ok, I have pigeon holed Obama and the Tea Party.  What about Ted Cruz.  If you have read any of my articles, you know I have been saying that multinational corporations controlled by foreign interests and governments are trying to drive middle class wages down to third world levels. Using unsavory tactics such as shipping American jobs and interests abroad, and depositing huge profits (American taxpayers’ money) in foreign accounts, these modern robber barons are depriving the country of a major fundamental monetary tool; circulation of taxpayer money in America’s economy.

See, I have just set up Ted Cruz. The stage is now his.  Explain how Senator Cruz fits into any of this.  If you have followed politics at all, you know that corporate interests are spending massive sums of money in congressional and state house elections.  They are trying to buy congress and state legislatures.  They are also blatantly lobbying federal and state legislators. Their purpose is to elect officials who will legislate the middle class out of existence.

Now paraphrasing Ted Cruz. Every senator and congressman should sign a pledge to never be lobbied by corporate interests.  Wow! Did anybody hear that? Did that statement slip pass the media?  It certainly did not get much media play. If that were to happen, the middle class, the poor and even the rich would richly benefit.  Foreign interests would lose their voice in our government.  America would be saved from defeat by foreign governments.

There you have it. Obama, Cruz and the Tea Party are all on the same page.  You ask, what would keep the middle class from rising up and leading a revolt against those foreign influences?  Ah… STRATEGY!  You want to know how multinational corporations could destroy the middle class?  Only one word is needed to define their strategy: LAYOFF!..!!

Remember, the Tea Party and indeed most of the middle class is populated by the, “my granddaddy came here with nothing and worked hard to make a better life  for me and my children” type, the, “They are lazy and don’t want to work” ilk and the,  “I have worked all my life and my hard earned money should not go to people who don’t want to work” group.

The multinational corporations recognize you as the proud, patriotic, gun loving, nobody ever gave me anything type who is devastated by the loss of his or her JOB!!!  They know you will be too proud to seek unemployment compensation, health care or food stamps.  You will withdraw from your friends and try to hold onto your possessions and image. You will try to find another job and fail. What you will not do is join in any protests against the multinational corporation that stole your job.

You, the Tea Party and America have been defeated for the first time in history.





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