Planet Earth! From “God’s Continuing Word – A Personal Message”

By: Tanner M. George, Sr.

The article: “You are more than four billion years old” was presented in a light mode.” Not so here. There is nothing light in this presentation.  Some questions that affect our longevity on this planet are urgently disturbing.

From the book:  GOD’S CONTINUING WORD – A PERSONAL MESSAGE, by Anonymous (First copyrighted in 1980 by Tanner M. George and subsequently edited and revised by anonymous).

The Explanation

14.3 As your social environment is important to your present and future existence, your physical environment is equally important. How you maintain your physical residence is reflective of the way that you maintain your character. You must treat your planet, moon, asteroids, other planets, your sun, galaxy and universe with respect and care. They are your physical home.

14.4 Misuse of your planet or any physical planetary body will harm you and/or your descendants. Our intelligence has installed parameters in All that are designed to protect the operating systems of All. Deviation from those parameters will trigger actions by the abused planetary body. These actions will return that body to operating normalcy.

 14.5 You are presently abusing your planet.  In a speck of time, you have upset the delicate balance between your planet’s surface and atmosphere. You have and are yet extracting massive volumes of pressurized incendiary material from your planet. You are burning and releasing these combustible materials as gasses in your atmosphere at a pace which is moving your planet outside of its set operating limits.

Page 102

 The Explanation

14.6 Unless it performs unusual actions, your planet cannot rid its atmosphere of these damaging gasses. You must understand now! Your planet will perform those unusual actions! Planetary bodies that affect your planet and which your planet affects will also assist your planet in performing actions that will compensate for its change!



  • jackjac  On September 20, 2013 at 5:44 pm

    The book is the most awesome thing in the world today! I read it. I have reread it. I have memorized certain passages. I have underlined and highlighted others. No matter which page I turn to, every page is captivating. “God’s Continuing Word – A Personal Message” is light years ahead of any other ism. It is must reading

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