Argument Against Evolution

By: Roch Sands

I love Bill Maher. My wife and I added HBO to our television repertoire so that we could watch Maher. The man is genuinely funny and entertaining.  He is also liberal, opinionated and readily expresses his opinion.  Without question, however, he is the best known Atheist on the planet.  Maher also tends to place people who tout Creationism versus Evolution in categories best reserved for kooks, loons or other spaced out individuals.  It is in these two areas that I challenge him, and will offer an argument that is more plausible than those which he advances in support of Atheism and Evolution.

First, I shall take on evolution.  In the book: God’s Continuing Word – A Personal Message,” is the following passage (Book of The Clergy, chapter 14.10): “Genetics strongly argue against evolution. Every atom is a one of a kind array of energy strands and sub-atomic particles.” The expression that a DNA test proves or disproves that a person is 99.9… percent distinctive is common in today’s world.  Moreover, that adage strongly suggests that every human is unique.

Science represents that every species and indeed all life seek sameness by evolving. Not so! Science also shows that everything has a different molecular structure and shows no sign of changing, unless aided by humans.  Even the grade school laboratory project, which confirms that every snowflake is inimitable, undermines the Theory of Evolution.

God’s Continuing Word – A Personal Message notes that all survival and sustainable physical life requirements are provided by nature in the three distinctive earth cultures (air, land and water) that exist on planet earth.  Air, water, food and energy producing elements are physical planetary resources. It is doubtful that they evolved. Additionally, the book touches on equally important abstracts needed to sustain human life.  Although many animals fall within the life parameters that people enjoy, this treatise limits itself exclusively to humans.

Motherly compassion is the single most important abstract in the survival of human life. Motherly compassion compels a mother to love and care for her baby.  The father usually experiences similar feelings.  Nearly seven billion living, earth residents attest to the success of motherly and fatherly compassion. This writer could not find any evidence that motherly or fatherly compassion and love evolved.

The journey of a person, including egg fertilization, construction and incubation, presents a fascinating study.  After a pregnancy that required no human input (except the mother’s normal care of her body), a completely helpless and unaware infant is born through its mother’s blood and pain. The child requires twenty four hours of attention for many years.

Help is usually forthcoming from another source that is compelled to love and care for the infant, its grandparents. As the baby gets older, the parents enter the child into the care of others (baby sitters, schools, etc.) who are not the child’s kin. Although the caretakers are often paid for their services, they must feel and exhibit compassionate care, lest their services be terminated.

In every instance, care must be provided to children if they are to survive. Even in adulthood, people are often helped and achieve their goals through the compassionate care of others. It can be argued that most everyone has benefited from the unrewarded help of people who were not their kin.

Human survival and continuation are dependent on  the abstract: compassionate care. It is doubtful that the desire and even need of people to provide compassionate care evolved. Quite the contrary; empirical evidence is overwhelming that compassion is inherent in people.  The need to provide care to others, even strangers, stems from that inherent compassion. People establish governments to tend to their common needs including care.  Evolution appears to be absent in all of these endeavors.



  • maseth  On February 13, 2014 at 7:18 am

    I like this this discussion. It opened my eyes about evolution. If Bill Maher has the guts to read this article, I believe his views will be altered. Anybody who reads this article will be treated to understanding.

  • vrox  On February 13, 2014 at 7:02 am

    Finally, a sensible presentation on the subject of evolution, Bravo!

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