In Little More Than One Hundred Years!!!

By: Mary Walters

One hundred years ago would have been 1912. Look at what we have done in little more than one hundred years; OH MY! The steam engine, powered by coal, was pushing trains and boats around. Automobiles, powered by petroleum, were just getting introduced to America and Europe.

The Wright Brothers were dreaming of manned flight using petroleum as fuel. The oceans, land and atmosphere were in near virginal states. Everything was CLEAN! I love the sound of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior’s voice as he orates on my tape: ONE HUNDRED YEARS LATER…

I hate the phrase one hundred years later when I see the damage that has been done in little more than one hundred years later. I am tacking on to the two articles written by Tanner George titled; “You are more than four billion years old” and “Planet Earth: from “God’s Continuing Word – A Personal Message.”

Yes, the material from which our bodies were constructed has been around more than four billion years. Yes, it took those four billion years for our planet to develop large stores of fossil fuels; coal, oil and gas.  The very thought of these occurrences is mind boggling and invigorating at the same time. My goodness. Just what are we; and why are we…?

I confess; I don’t know. What I do know is that we, humankind, have used an inordinate amount of our fossil fuel in little more than ONE HUNDRED YEARS. Even now, the oil companies are going deeper into the ocean beds for crude oil. This scares the heck out of me. The oil and natural gas companies are breaking through protective shale to get natural gas.

I don’t think life on this planet can survive these two intense violations of the planet’s crust. My precious, precious God; WHAT HAVE WE DONE? WHAT ARE WE DOING? Greed, vile, evil greed. Have you raised up mountains over which we cannot climb.  Ugly, nasty greed. What price will we mortals pay for your opulence?

Oh, you have made the air rank with gases that are unnatural to it.  You have infected our waterways and oceans with waste that is unnatural to them. Oh foul greed! You have and are removing our four billion years in the making pressurized incendiary fuels from our generous earth!

Don’t you know greed? Can’t you see greed? Can you care greed? Is it about flying around the skies in private jets: Greed? Is it about ruling over a modern day fiefdom: Greed? What drives and pushes you: Greed? One hundred years in four billion; and we might kill our planet; we might just suck the life from it. We might watch it die!

I get my hope, peace, sense of well being, compassion and love from ALL, the GOD whom I know exists.  I now wrap myself in the pages of “GOD’S CONTINUING WORD – A PERSONAL MESSAGE” and lament what we are doing to our good abode. I pray for you: greed. I pray that you will take flight from our world and never return.

“One hundred years later…;” we are in a sorrowful state. What a short time to do so much damage. No hope for our grandchildren! Only time to cry and die. But wait! A man has a plan! Can we recognize him? Can we come together behind the man with the plan?  Can we, will we, can we? YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!


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