LGBT in “God’s Continuing Word – A Personal Message”

By: Joshua Golden

The book:  “God’s Continuing word – A Personal Message,”  helped to soothe my pain during Russia’s and Duck Dynasty’s attacks on homosexuality.  The book’s full treatment of the subject is in the following excerpt.

The One World Advent

4.8 Historically, persons who engage in opposite gender sex have demonstrated passionate opposition to same gender sex. Most of your world religions are in the forefront of that opposition. The needs of those who are attracted to others of their own gender are as compelling as the needs of those that are attracted to the opposite gender. As we have previously stated, love is not gender limited. You do not transmit sexual pleasures and feelings to your profile.

4.9 In consideration of our stated needs, we must personally address you who engage in same gender sex. We understand your needs and attractions, and do not condemn your activities as immoral. Your place in our consciousness is secured by your compassionate feelings and acts; not your sexual activities.

Page 17

The One World Advent

4.10 We have stated that our needs require a universe of compassionately diverse people. In order to accommodate our needs, we designed sexual attractions between people who could reproduce through sexual joining. You who engage in same gender sex cannot reproduce through sexual joining. When persons who are capable of bearing children are removed from the procreation process, our needs are not met.

4.11 Persons born with excesses of opposite gender hormones, have opposite gender feelings. The protection of a male is as much needed by a male with an excess of female hormones as by a female. Some males feel an urge to protect demure males. Females with an excess of male hormones feel a need to protect demure females. Same sex contacts are usually initiated by persons with excess opposite gender hormones.

4.12 Our needs, your purpose, your design and your history are arrayed against your practices. Your condition is outside the realm of normalcy. We wish you to seek redress of your condition. Where hormonal birth defects prevent normal sex with the opposite gender, medical remedies should be employed to correct such defects.

Page 18

The One World Advent

4.13 You of child bearing age who are willing and able to correct your attractions must do so. We ask that you be in the forefront of remedying your condition. We wish you to refrain from influencing others to engage in your sexual activities. Do not portray your sexual indulgences and preferences to children as normal in your media, learning institutions, children games or child programming.

4.14 In every way, you must be accorded all legal and other rights and opportunities to which every individual on your planet is entitled. Governments must respect and treat you as they are commanded to respect and treat each individual. Governments have no input into your consenting sexual preferences and practices.

4.15 The joy of a relationship between a male and female who love and are committed to the care of the other is unequaled by any other relationship. Your hormonal imbalances are due to birth defects. With intent, we made your world imperfect. Your condition evidences that intent. As with others that are born with defects, you must pray and seek medical relief. If you do so, you will enjoy a loving sexual relationship with one who was designed to be your partner.

Page 19

The One World Advent

4.16 Practices that exist in penal institutions promote acquired homosexuality. Imprisoning persons of the same sex, absent of providing sexual contact with the opposite gender, contribute greatly to the spread of this grave and widening social disorder. The male of your species is highly sexual. Rhe is spontaneously aroused and endowed with urgent sex needs.

4.17 Contact with a male’s prostate gland through anal penis penetration can reduce that male’s aggressiveness, and render him demure. The male sex drive is crucial to supplying the energy and aggressiveness that propel your kind to progress. The normal social order is for males to have sexual contact with females in order to satiate their sexual needs. When herded together with members of their own gender, while lacking female sexual contact, males will seek their own kind to satisfy their urgings.

4.18 In similar situations, females will act in like kind. You must put an end to these heinous practices by demanding that your governing bodies allow sexual contact between opposite genders in your confining institutions. By not doing so, you are condoning homosexual rape!

 Page 20

The One World Advent

4.19 Often, violence, war and other dangerous male activity reduce the male population. This results in an imbalance between females and males. In societies where only monogamy is allowed, many females are without the sexual companionship of a male. By the nature of her creation, the female requires warm closeness, familial stability and the protection of another or others. If males are not available to provide these needs, some females will gravitate to other females, in order to satisfy their needs.

4.20 You must restore sexual order to your one world by ending violence that disproportionately claims the lives of males. You must provide medical assistance and counseling to persons who need sexual assistance. You must demand viable economic opportunities for every person. If a poverty-stricken person can supply hes needs through hes effort, rhe is less likely to commit crimes that lead to penal rape.



  • masde  On December 22, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    The excerpt commands serious reflection. We could bluster and say hogwash to it. However, everything in this excerpt conforms to reason, The material is certainly worthy of an in depth conversation. I have read the book. Superlatives cannot do it justice. Readers must digest the book’s contents and apply its message to their lives.

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