Sexual Identification – Straight And Gay

By: Tanner M. George, Sr.

From the book:  God’s Continuing Word – A Personal Message” 

“The One World Advent”

4.8 Historically, persons who engage in opposite gender sex have demonstrated passionate opposition to same gender sex. Most of your world religions are in the forefront of that opposition. The needs of those who are attracted to others of their own gender are as compelling as the needs of those that are attracted to the opposite gender. As we have previously stated, love is not gender limited. You do not transmit sexual pleasures and feelings to your profile.

4.9 In consideration of our stated needs, we must personally address you who engage in same gender sex. We understand your needs and attractions, and do not condemn your activities as immoral. Your place in our consciousness is secured by your compassionate feelings and acts; not your sexual activities.

Page 17

4.14 In every way, you must be accorded all legal and other rights and opportunities to which every individual on your planet is entitled. Governments must respect and treat you as they are commanded to respect and treat each individual. Governments have no input into your consenting sexual preferences and practices.”

The book, “God’s Continuing Word – A Personal Message” is perhaps the most profound messenger to the world in centuries.  I found many answers in it that I could not find elsewhere.  With the LGBT revolution  sweeping the country, it is time that the sexes and genders represented by LGBT identify themselves by their unique sexual names.  

Just as there are male and female genders in straight sexes, there are male and female genders in each of the LGBT sexes.  Masculine, Feminine, Boy, Girl, Woman and Man apply to LBGT sexes, as well as to the straight sex.  Thus the importance of LGBT identifiers that express LGBT uniqueness is urgently needed.

Each sex:  STRAIGHT, LESBIAN, GAY, BI-SEXUAL and TRANS-SEXUAL, is comprised of two genders respectively: Masculine and Feminine.  The Masculine and Feminine genders are further subdivided into the age identifiers of Boy, Man, Girl and Woman.  

The identification of STRAIGHT and LGBT sexes:

STRAIGHT-B – Straight Boy, STRAIGHT-M – Straight Man, STRAIGHT-G – Straight Girl,  STRAIGHT-W – Straight Woman   

LES-B  – Lesbian Boy, LES-M – Lesbian Man, LES-G – Lesbian Girl, LES-W – Lesbian woman 

GAY-B  – Gay Boy, GAY-M – Gay Man, GAY-G – Gay Girl, GAY-W – Gay Woman 

BISX-B – Bi-sexual  Boy,  BISX-M – Bi- sexual Man, BISX-G – Bi-sexual Girl,  BISX-W – Bi-sexual Woman  

TRANS-B – Transsexual  Boy,  TRANS-M  – Transsexual  Man,   TRANS-G – Transsexual  Girl,   TRANS-W – Transsexual  Woman. 

Straight and LGBT persons must exercise care when joining various activities.  It would be socially improper to invite straight females, or LGBT females to “suit up” and join in football scrimmages with Straight boys or men. Of course, gay-b, gay-m, bisx-b, bisx-m, trans-b and trans-m genders might feel right at home on the football field with straight-b and straight-m sexes.

It would be equally imprudent to ask LGBT males or Straight males to compete for the Miss America crown.  LGBT males and Straight males can share locker rooms, military barracks and prison cells.  LGBT females and Straight females can act similarly.  Certainly, LGBT women should be invited to vie for the Miss America title. Genitalia should not be a requirement.

Females can  share rooms as roommates, be partners in camping  endeavors, or enjoy any activity where same sexes participate.  Ditto males. In many quarters, sexual attractions are feared in gay and straight encounters. This is due mainly to a lack of understanding of the sexual attractions of the respective sexes.

Not to worry!  Identification is the key to tranquil gender environments. Neither Straight nor LGBT  sexes are likely to be  sexually attracted to their own gender.   Teaching the public this simple fact should promote interactions between same genders and age groups across the board.  If gender recognition is not readily apparent, it is alright to ask.

Where sexual identification is required on applications for membership or participation in the military, boy or girl scouts and other gender driven activities or organizations, provisions should be made for all sexes to answer.  An explanation of why the sexual identification question is asked should be attached to that request.  This could forestall aggravation for  those who might be offended by the question.

Of course the rules of physicality should apply in rough pursuits.  A les-b or les-m probably cannot compete with other males in sports and other endeavors where physical prowess determines success. This includes certain military, scouting and sporting activities.  Challenges of (to)sexuality should be resolved in court.  Gender is defined by factors other than genitalia.

We, an enlightened people, can understand, accept and accommodate each other regardless of any condition of our birth or being. The prerequisites of compassion, love and understanding are the foundations upon which we build these attributes. Come, let us all acknowledge a voice from the high far corner which begs the question: “can we all just get along” (King)? In this case, and at long, long, long last we can return an answer to that question; yes, oh yeah, we can “all just get along!”

Rodney King, press conference, May, 1992



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  • ygeex  On December 11, 2013 at 6:12 am

    Words from the book “God’s Continuing Word – A Personal Message” are popping up everywhere, including this article. LGBT persons need to read it. The book is just awesome. Please read it.

  • folkwa  On December 11, 2013 at 6:05 am

    I don’t know why we did not use this very simple method before. What pressure can be brought to bear on officials to prove that any couple is not a man and woman. It certainly would force the courts to rule whether genitalia is the basis for declaring the gender of any person. Bring it on.

  • brnt  On December 11, 2013 at 5:55 am

    Although our big nonprofits and celebrities are still pursuing congress for our marriage rights, LGBT persons are getting married using the sex identification system as shown in this article. Word of mouth is very effective. If you know LGBT persons who want to marry, direct them to this and the Go To Court article in this publication. We are also using this method in areas other than marriage. Sports locker rooms and events and military barracks are two that come to mind.

  • Shuda  On November 18, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    Its our time to define ourselves. What with others here and around the world (ala Russia and Iran) trying to define and change us, its small wonder that we are confused. We are such easy targets for bullies. Sometimes they push us over the edge of our emotions, even to suicide. But, wait!! Hope is in this article! we can turn our long standing posture of wallowing in doom and gloom into positive thoughts and actions that raise our spirits. If we embrace this system and follow-up with actions called for in another article titled LGBT- GO TO COURT, also printed here, we too can sing in the words of that old Negro spiritual, King, “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God – Almighty! We are free at last!!!”
    Dr. Martin Luther King,, Jr. Speech, “March on Washington” (1963).

    • Factin  On December 11, 2013 at 6:36 am

      Im singing already Shu. People who discriminate against others should be in the shoes of those they hate and hurt. I wonder if the rich would be against food stamps if they had to survive a few months on them. If they experienced racial, religious or sexual barbs tossed their way, would they be so quick to demonize others? Its so hard. Thank you Tanner George.

  • falar  On November 8, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    My partner and I were denied a marriage license because we did not “look like a man and woman.” We are taking the plunge and going to court. Our attorneys have advised us to refuse physical examination to check our genitalia, They will argue our case in accordance with this article. We are so excited that we are part of history in the making.

  • martha  On September 21, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    With a little help from our nonprofits and celebrities, our time can be now. Come on guys. Lets work this from the assumption that we are man and woman genders in each of our four sexes (5 with straights). Since marriage is between a man and woman, we have that covered. I mean, who is going to demand that anyone get naked to determine only one of many sexual characteristics? Short answer; nobody.

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    I can’t recall the last time I enjoyed an informative article like I have yours. You’ve exceeded my high standards and expectations with your excellent writing skills. You must have higher standards than I do.

  • esterlyn  On September 19, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    So, let me get this straight! We have an excellent method of identifying ourselves. We can use this method to declare our genders. Neither congress, the courts nor state legislatures can challenge our identities. Yet, our organizations and celebrities have not stepped up to lead us to our wonderful identity. Shame, shame, shame!!!

    • Factin  On September 20, 2013 at 5:07 pm

      I certainly agree with you Esterlyn. We are probably the worst organized group in America. We have this marvelous opportunity and can’t or won’t take advantage of it. Yes! Shame, Shame and Tsk, Tsk

  • velokmau  On July 13, 2013 at 1:38 am

    I looked at this article more than a month ago and thought wow; we have finally done it. We know who we are and can stand up about it everywhere. Why haven’t our LGBT organizations jumped all over this? Is it because there is too much money in the fight? Come on folks. Get on board and lets move on this.

  • larry-o9  On June 1, 2013 at 9:17 am

    Senator Lindsey Graham let it be known how congress feels about LGBT rights when he said that he could not support immigration and LGBT rights. “You will lose me on immigration if you insist on gay rights,” he said. I am certain that our celebrities and organizations will now act to embrace this ID system. It seems to be the best avenue for us regardless what congress does.

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