Tea Party Follow Up

By: Gaylord Stevens

Tea friends, did you see the inauguration of the new mayor of New York City?  If you did, your first thought was the same as mine; “oh s..t, what the heck is happening!  The new guy has a mixed family. His wife is very black and his children are obviously of the Negroid race.  We can get past that, because we tea people know that we really are not racist.  What galled me most in his ultra liberal agenda was his call to raise taxes!   Ok, its only nine hundred dollars a year for people making over a half million dollars. The money is to be used for children pre and after school care. Well, we don’t have a problem with that.  It is just so “take our money and give it to the poor.”

After my rage subsided, I began to realize that what the NYC mayor proposed was good for us middle income tea baggers.  I had never thought about the income and riches gaps between the one percent and everybody else.  I then acknowledged that my anger was against Obama. I don’t know why.  I just know that many biases, including racism, and liberalism reverberated through my brain.

The most startling reflection that awakened in my awareness was the two words;  rich and poor.  The country is moving to one percent having all the money and ninety nine percent doing all the work.  The situation is beginning to happen now throughout our nation.  The pundits say it is the way of  the future. There is no place in that America for the middle class!  There is no room for you and me!! !

Economists are now blatantly saying that manufacturing and the jobs that come with it, will disappear.  They say “those jobs are gone forever.” That means hurt for us.  When combined with multi-national corporations shipping our jobs overseas, conditions look bleak for Tea Partiers.

All is not dire, however.  We can still change our mix and get what we need. We don’t have unions, so we desperately need allies. We must look around and identify with some minority agendas. We must adopt common causes with minorities.  We must keep our country from being taken over by foreign interests.  We must get back to what made America great; folks working together across the board. We must save our beloved nation, and we will.



  • vrox  On January 3, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    I agree with ernoth. We have had our run at being ultra conservative. What we have done is let some radio and tv hosts that serve the rich poison our minds to the only system that is our property; our government. It is time for us to embrace our government and stop being prostitutes for multinational corporations and the one percent.

  • ernoth  On January 3, 2014 at 3:31 am

    Not only must we do this, but we must do it before the 2014 elections

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