Tea Party! Calling All Of My Tea Party Friends!!

By: Gaylord Stevens

It is you and me that they are after, my wonderful, deeply American, Tea Party friend. Who is after us, you ask? Let me break it down and you see if you can figure out who. Here’s the way it is in plain talk. Tea Party friend, you are middle class, and so am I. You are White. So am I.

You stand squarely on the shoulders of the country’s poor. NO POOR; NO YOU, NO ME! Run that by me again, you say. Gladly.  You make stuff. You need people buying your stuff in millions of different locations. The poor buys your stuff in millions of different locations.

Let me rock your world, my hard working, granddaddy came here legally and started with nothing, nobody ever gave you anything, ultra patriotic, more conservative than anybody else, get rid of welfare deadbeats, gun loving buddy. Oh, don’t worry. I’m rocking my world too.

Real, basic human viability only counts when things that directly support human life are happening. Take a minute and chew on that. The really important work that people do is that which contributes directly to human life. Mothers bring forth life. They are crucial to human life. People must have mothers in order to live. People must breathe air. We cannot survive without clean air.

We can’t live without clean water and safe food. In cold climates, people must have clothing, shelter and energy. Babies and children must have loving care (mother’s care by far). We certainly need medical care. However, we usually need it to extend our lives? We mostly go years before we require medical care. But when we must have it, whew; there is nothing more important.

The people who work to provide these necessities for the remainder of us are THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE ON EARTH. You make furniture, cars, buildings, guns, military hardware, airplanes, paper, computers, cell phones, clothes and lots of other stuff. None of that contributes directly to human life (except clothes for warmth). What we make and what we do are not important to life.

The same goes for oil, coal and natural gas extraction work (except for heating fuel).   Look; most of what you do is not essential to life. Neither is the work that your boss, his boss, the talk show host, politician, multi-millionaire, billionaire, chief justice, police captain nor what the WALL STREET BANKER AND TRADER do are important to human life!

Got it! C’mon, jump into this mindset with me. Ok, I say they are after us middle classers because we are no longer important to them. Over the years everybody up and down the country’s money scale have been fattening up, except the poor. Every year, the middle class wants more wages.

The talk show hosts, who constantly complain that some people want free stuff, jump up and down for more money to buy jet planes and other testaments to their material gods.  Entertainers, sports figures, POLITICIANS, CEO’s, middle managers, airline pilots, and a bunch of others perform work that is not essential to human life.  They get more and more money to do it.

Nothing is being done for the country. Just more for the special groups.  More is demanded by the super rich, corporate raiders (like the presidential candidate who did not show his tax returns), Wall Street Bankers and big time CEOs. These are the people who will move your jobs to foreign countries, so they can make more money!

Multinational corporations, owned by foreign governments, want to bring middle income wages down to third world wage levels. Do you think they spent a billion dollars trying to take over the presidency so they could improve your economic lot.  For years, they gave us our Whiteness so that we would do their bidding. Now that we are short in numbers, watch how quickly they dump us because they think we are being paid too much.  They now think that we are a burden.

They want every dollar for themselves. They only want the poor and them. TO THEM, WE MIDDLE INCOME WHITES ARE EXPENDABLE!! GET IT? If they had gotten hold of the presidency, the rich would have given themselves the biggest tax break in history (Mitt said so; 10% corporate rate; remember)?  The money would have come directly from our pockets.

We must turn the tables on them and really take back our country. Here’s how. Now Mr. George is letting me use up lots of his space here, and I thank him.  You know that Tanner George is Black, don’t you? He is Black, African American and by his own identification: Medensan.  Medensan is the new; and I believe enduring name for former African Americans.

Look at  what a small section of their defining document. the  “Medensan Creation Charter,” says about their American heritage.  “A great number of Medensans are American citizens. We shall always be American citizens.   Although most of our existence in America has been tortuous, those of us who are American citizens love the “United States of America.”

“We cannot do less. All that we know, and all that we have learned came from Americans of all persuasions. All of our traits were developed from American traits and characteristics. We are the single people on the planet who are completely and exclusively American. We know nothing but America. All that is good, all that is bad, and everything in between that is in us replicates America. These facts are not for us to lament nor to brag about. This is simply the way it is.”

Now these are the Americans we should be hooking up with. White people have hired and trusted Black people our entire history.  We Tea Partiers know we are not prejudiced. We voted for Cane overwhelmingly every time he ran, until they did the woman thing and knocked him our of the race. Look at the rich crowd.

Each time you see one of them in trouble, you also see a trusted Black person next to them. Not only should we hook up with Medensans; we should help them with their Inner City Progress Initiative.”  We should also look at the middle income liberal crowd.  Together, we can truly be the biggest voting block, and a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

After all, the President and Federal Government are the only institutions that look out for us all. We should be part of it. We, proud Americans should not be some rich people’s flunkies, waiting for them to create a job for us.  They can’t create JACK! That  job will never come.  Jobs come from demand! Let’s do this, Tea Party friends. Let’s do this NOW!



  • earleq  On September 11, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Every successful person, organization, business or nation has a written plan for success. Our plan is the Medensan Creation Charter. Medensans have created MEDENSA, a symbolic independent nation which has spawned our ethnic name; MEDENSAN. Medensans are chartered to: LOVE EACH OTHER; HELP EACH OTHER; RESPECT EACH OTHER; NEVER HURT EACH OTHER; DEFEND EACH OTHER, SHIELD EACH OTHER; NEVER DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ANYONE (race, religion sex, gender, nationality, etc.), AND ADHERE TO THE TENETS SET FORTH IN THE MEDENSAN CREATION CHARTER.

  • ernoth  On December 24, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    I came across this article today, Christmas Eve, 2013. After I read it I went back and read it again. Look, I am so Tea Party, I am to the right of Ted Cruz, Sarah, Hannity and Rush. But listen, Repub Prez candidates did say they would make the corporate rate 10%. They would also get rid of food stamp free loaders. Corporations spent nearly a billion dollars to defeat Obama, and still lost. By this time, I am ready to listen to others. Many of our middle class jobs have been shifted to China and other third rate countries. My job as a welder is going to India next month. Obama is right and he is protecting the middle class. We better think about whats happening before we are homeless and starving. The corporations real targets are us! We better stop them now!!

  • bilgbob  On October 24, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    Holy sokes there Gaylord; you done gone and giv me somrhin to chaw on, Now I got to go get that book named Day of Thunder Years of woe. I hear that my job will go to bangladesh next.

  • robtoo  On October 20, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    Obama Care has put us Tea Party folk back in the headlines. I don’t have health insurance on the job. I and my family need it. So Im ok with giving it a chance. Who is this Cruz guy and why is he so important. Let us be careful not to cozy up to a poison snake. Each time we do we get bit.

  • cam  On September 23, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    I’m everything this article says I am. Add “Redneck” and you have the total me. This article caused me to raise up and look around. Why was so much corporate money against Obama? I did not vote for him, but look. the stock market was doing better than most pundits predicted. Everything looked rosy for the country and big corporations. This article opened my eyes to examine and see that some big multinational companies want my wages to go from $19.00 per hour to $2.00 a day. We tea party folk must wake up before its too late.

  • Jess  On September 23, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    We got the biggest military in history. How can we let some foreign and domestic billionaires buy our state houses and congress and defeat us with our own votes. Get up Tea Party and get real. Lets let the politicians know they can put their racial and us against them approaches back into their sad bags and do what is right for America. What is going on is as plain as day, They take us for granted and use us as their fools.

  • imlove  On September 23, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    Its unfortunate that middle income people can’t see that multinational corporations want to knock out middle income Americans so they can manufacture in the US for less than foreign workers when you consider tariffs. Greed will destroy us in the end.

  • Ronaldv  On September 22, 2013 at 3:16 am

    I had to come back to this article and ask you, tea partier, can you stomach what congress did on 9/19/13 when they voted to starve millions of people? Please read “The Heartless Side of America” dated 9/20/13, on this website.

  • JoeSj  On March 14, 2013 at 6:33 pm

    I hear what you saying Gaylord. Since I read this the first time, I been thinking about it. I believe you’re right. We Tea Party Folk need new alliances. Aint nobody more American than Black people. Probably aint nobody more conservative or that we are closer to. After all we been around them all our history. Im saying let us reach out tea party people

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